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Our Projects

At Rebel Roofing ACT, we pride ourselves on a diverse range of projects designed to enhance and protect your home. From the meticulous work involved in a Fascia and Gutter Replacement Service to the transformative impact of a Pergola Installation, our services cater to various needs. Whether you are considering a Roof Restoration, Re-Pointing & Re-Bedding, or routine General Roofing Maintenance, we have the expertise to deliver top-notch results. Additionally, if you are eyeing a New Roof or considering a Reroof Project, we have got you covered. Choose Rebel Roofing ACT Canberra for reliability, quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to ensuring your home is in top condition.

Have a look at some of our projects that we have completed successfully and get in touch for further discussion.

Rebel Roofing ACT Canberra Projects

Pergola Installation Projects

Pergola Installation Projects Canberra ACT

We’re excited to share that we’ve recently completed three Pergola Installation projects right here in Canberra

Repointing and Bedding Projects

Full Rebed & Repoint Projects Canberra

We have recently completed Rebedding and Repointing Projects in Canberra and surrounding areas.

General Roof Maintenance and Leaky Roof Repair Projects

General Maintenance and Leaky Roof Repair Projects Canberra

We have done multiple general maintenance and leaky roof repairs project in Canberra and nearby areas in the ACT.

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